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lt is worthy of your trust for our below advantage:
High efficiency:The LED high efficiency up to 10OLM/W, good monochromaticity, almost all the light-emitting efficiency can use;
High energy saving: lt have the features of low voltage, low current, high brightness;
High security:LED using low voltage drive;
High color:The white color temperature is 6500K, The color 6500K closest to the sun;
Long service life: The LED by highlighting the semiconductor chip, the electric energy into light energy, and epoxy resin package.Can withstand high impact strength, the normal service life of up to 5 years;
Ultra fast response: The LED lamp response in short time;
Super wide band voltage: Voltage 110-240V can be normal use;
Ultra wide temperature: -50-70 can be normal use;
Installation is simple: Directly connected with 110-240V, can be normal use; no need the lamp bracket.

Lighting advantage:
1 Energy-saving and environmental protection: no radiation,no harmful metal mercury,green environmental protection.Compare with incandescent lamp, The energy consumption of LED bulb lamp can decreased by 90%.
2 Attractive and durable: LED bulb lamp have the advantages of novel design,simple fashion,with modern lighting characteristics.The lamp shell adopts the high quality PC cover no glare, not brittle.
3 High index: Boshite LED have high color light source with high quality optical lens, the light is more uniform, color reduction higher performance.
4 Higher brightness: LED bulb light, light soft, high luminous efficiency.
5 Installation is simple: LED bulb quick installation design,more convenient instalation repair,rational design of the light is more convenient to replace the traditional incandescent lamp.
6 True "chip" eye protection: The LED adopts Everlight, pure color,light soft, color consistency,high color rendering index, low lumen, no stroboscopic. Ilt is good for the elderly, children and urban white-collar by long time use with lights.